Just a day with Durjoy Datta

Each time I start writing anything new, I realize I have something going on in my mind that I might forget or that needs penning down immediately. It’s because my mind is vivacious or I can say bubbly; it keeps on jumping around.

Today was a great day as all other days in my life. I came across Durjoy Datta. He’s Shradz favourite author. He writes love stories and is pretty famous. He has written many love stories that Shradz admires (I haven’t read any so my opinion doesn’t matter anyways :P). He has got a great fan following, especially girls may be because he has got a double barrel shotgun (not literally), his amazing writings, and his incredible good looks. Very rare though but still. So, I was listening to him speak to the audience. He seemed to be kind, considerate and very open while sharing his experiences and answering people’s questions. Strangely, I got really inspired by this guy. I began to wonder, “neither I  have ever read his book nor I have ever heard him before”. But there was an invisible force that was making me listen to each word he was uttering. By the way, I dream to be an author someday the way he is.

He seemed to connect with people pretty well. He writes great love stories (that’s what I have been told by Shradz and I actually believe her) that can make you fall in love head over heels. Great romance, excellent chemistry, and everything a young girl or guy dreams. I was pretty sure, during the entire session half of the girls were  thinking, “When will I get a guy like him” or “When will my guy be like him”. That was for girls who are already in love with him.

When it comes to me, I didn’t know him. Neither by his writings nor by the way he looks but I found something that made me stay there. It was an inspiration; I dreamt to be like him someday. I felt immense pleasure when I looked at people smile, blush and giggle over his answers. It was unadulterated affection. Then I said to myself, “someday I wanna be there too”. “I too wanna tell stories to people that touch their hearts, stories that will bring smiles to their faces.” I looked at him and his mesmerizing smile with those cute dimples and realized, “If he can make people smile with his stories why can’t I (we’ve got dimples in common :P)”.

I believe, everything that happens in life happens for a purpose. This very incident made me more confident about my belief. I was searching for inspiration, and I found it in a place where I least expected, from a person I never knew. So, I’m gonna hold my head high and dare to dream. Who know, 2 years down the line I’ll be sitting in the same place he did, and I’ll be addressing the people as he was doing today. And I’m pretty sure when the day comes I’ll be heartily thankful to Durjoy Datta to make me believe a little more in myself and my dream.

P.S: Life is all about making stories… stories that make you the person you are, stories that live forever.