The Constant

With each passing day of my life I wonder, what is it that’s constant? It’s not me, nor the moment, everything’s ambiguous. Everyday, I have a different thought that takes me to my thinking place.

Life seems like a continuous carousel of pictures from different walks of my life. I’m not particularly happy about the same thing each day. It’s always different. Not to forget, each day teaches me something new about myself. All the past years’ learning made me who I’m today. So, where does it all lead to? Right now it doesnt seem to lead anywhere. But in this quest of knowing what’s the purpose of me, I have become more conscious. The purpose of me as a part of this dynamic world. But is it just one purpose. I wonder.

Some people love me, some might hate me, some think of me as an inspiration while some might think of me as a failure… It’s all relative. The idea of me is different for different people. So, I deduce that life is not about one ultimate purpose. It’s about multiple purposes you serve throughout your life. The impact you create on anyone you’re with. You need not be all righteous. It’s about being truthful of who you really are. Because if you fail at that, you might just fail at all the purposes you served.

I’m 25 and from the day I was capable of thinking all I did was – think what really matters, hoping that I would someday find an answer. But here I’m still thinking. Have I failed at understanding who I really am? Did I excel in this conquest and figured it all out? I don’t really know. But something I know for sure. This is the only thing that keeps me going. The curiosity. That’s my constant.


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