The old yellow box

Sunday afternoon’s are usually the most lazy once, especially when you are tired of Saturday’s party night. However, this Sunday afternoon turned out to be an unexpected contrast for me. My mother didn’t allow me to rest my lazy ass on the couch, she dragged me to my room and made me clean my closet. I certainly consider this work to be a less productive one so, I normally abstained from doing it. But when its your mother’s order, you got to obey them. Any which ways, while I am on to this boring task of cleaning my closet, I happen to notice a bright yellow box kept in the lowest shelf. Reaching towards it, I tried to recall what is it and what it contains, but my weak memory didn’t help me much. Suddenly, when I was about to open it, all the memories came gushing and I recalled each and every detail of the box and the things in it.

The old yellow box was my quilling box. It had all my colorful quilling papers and quilling needles. Looking at the colorful papers, all the memories of my innocent old days came running back to me. I recalled the time, when i used to make specialized paper quilling greeting cards and photo frames for the people I loved. I used to spend days in making them. In those times, quilling wasn’t a simple paper art for me, it was a way to express myself. My way of telling my loved ones, how special they are to me. But as I moved ahead in my life, all the old ways of expressions were replaced by new and easy options. Looking at the half winded quills and unmade flowers, I felt in amidst of this life now, I have lost my true essence. Now, it doesn’t really matter to me, if my gifts make someone feel special. Gifting has become a mere formality for me.

Without even my own realization, my hands started quilling again. I searched for the perfect colored papers and started arranging the quills on the handcrafted paper. In no time, I had a beautiful card for my mom. By the time I finished quilling, my mom was already there to check if I have finished cleaning my closet or not. She was about to burst out with temper, looking at the huge pile of clothes and stuff, I handed off the card to her. She stared at it for a while and in a few moments her lips curved into a sweet smile. Looking at her smiling, my heart was overfilled with contentment. I was happy that after so long, something that i made brought a smile to someones face. The very moment i decided, not to let go of my old ways of expression and continue to make my loved ones happy with the gifts they deserve. A sincere wish to make others happy and a little extra effort, and you can also give your loved ones what they truly deserve.


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